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July 2021 Countdown to Success: On Habits and Motivation (July 8th, 2021)

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

5 Inputs, 4 Quotes, 3 Thoughts, 2 Challenges and 1 Question (July 8th, 2021)

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Happy July,

Your journey of professional development is important to me.Please hit that reply button or join our Facebook Group to share your journey and inspiration with our community.

You never know when your ideas, thoughts, actions, or reflection will inspire another vet out there!

Alright, let’s get to it!

Here are 5 Inputs to Inspire, 4 Quotes to Contemplate, 3 Thoughts to Ponder, 2 Challenges to Conquer and 1 Reflection Question to help you grow this month.

5 Inputs to Inspire

I. James Clear’s Atomic Habits is a sort of “Bible” for those seeking to adopt new habits or replace old ones.In the text Clear discusses the stages that build habit success, how our habits define who we are as well as the key for controlling temptation and mastering habits.Clear has a very easy to read writing style and is one of the few personal growth authors that is very easy to identify with, even on day one of a personal growth journey.

II. Have a bad habit you want to shake?Then you need to create a new Response to your habit’s stimulus or trigger.Learn more about The Science of Habits from doctor and writer Susan Weinschenk in this article from Psychology Today.

III. Many of you know that I find Self-Determination Theory to be a great fit for fixing many of the innate mental issues we deal with in our profession.These imposter syndrome, burnout and personal growth based problems are well described by Deci and Ryan throughout many texts.However, Very Well Mind has a great article about how this theory applies to our motivations.How Does Self-Determination Theory Explain Motivation by Kendra Cherry discusses the creation of innate motivators using this theory and gives great tips for improving your own personal implementation of it.

IV.Diving a little deeper into this innate or “intrinsic” based motivation I present to you the book Drive by Daniel Pink.This is a book that has been on my radar for a couple of years now.However, after several months of Self-Determination reading and research I’ve circled back around to it as my key read for July 2021.Pink’s text looks to prove the disconnect between what we know in motivational science and what we practice within our businesses.The reason this has come back to my attention is because of The Progress Principle text we discussed last month and the renewed interest I have for creating meaningful pursuits for my employees.I’d invite you to join me in reading and reviewing this text in July!Simply join our Facebook Group and post your progress, thoughts and revelations!

V. One of the first articles I read when I began my personal growth journey was titled 5 Positive Habits for Rapid Personal Growth by Nicholas Cole. As an avid gamer I was drawn into the storyline of his own growth through video games and into life.Cole’s five basic tips for personal growth are something we all can relate to and apply every day.The one I struggle with the most currently is the balance between input and output.I’m an avid learner BUT I need to find more time to share what I learn with the OTO community!Which of Cole’s 5 Habits to you most identify with?

4 Quotes to Contemplate I. Historian, author, and minister Edward Everett Hale, most remembered for “A Man Without a Country,” is credited with this great quote that summarizes our need for motivation through solid habits:

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and even thought I cannot do what I once did, I will not refuse to do something that I can now.

II. Author James Clear on your personal construction via your habits:

Your current habits are perfectly designed to deliver your current results.

III. Author and Digital Press founder Nicholas Cole explaining the power of even the smallest of habits:

Do not underestimate the power of each and every small habit, replicated over time.

IV. Bianca Cole hammers home of the importance of small habits:

Always remember, it is not the great things a man did that made him great, but the little things he did in great ways.

3 Thoughts to Ponder

​I.There are subtle relationships between your habits and motivations.Things like what you eat, read, think about, and reflect upon subconsciously and chemically alter your perceptions and motivation.Aligning these external areas often can correct a motivation issue.

II.A habit as simple as flossing can establish a daily discipline routine, which can lead to a new discipline habit like reading.Reading can trigger interest in a new thought/thinking habit.This thinking habit can lead to a new service for your business.This new service can gross $1,000’s resulting in a change in your lifestyle.It is in this way that a habit as small as flossing can change your life.

III.Fueling the growth of other people around us often becomes our own greatest motivator.The growth and success of others, as aided by ourselves, yields as much or more motivation for you as an individual than any single personal win or victory.

2 Challenges to Conquer

I.Sit down with a pen and paper and ID the habits needed to become who you want to be. Begin by visualizing who you want to be and make a list of the habits the “future you” will need to become that person.IE if you want to become a specialist you will need to have a habit of reading, researching, implementing etc etc.By becoming aware of the need for such habits you will be more likely to adopt actions that align with this need.

II.Think about one negative habit you have currently.Something that is detrimental to you physically, emotionally or professionally.Then ID a positive habit that can replace it.The next time you are compelled to partake in the negative habit, use that trigger to start your new positive habit instead!IE replace social media with a book or desert with fruit or stressful feelings with reflection.

1 Reflection Question

Are your daily habits feeding or starving your personal growth momentum?

Until next month,

Dr. Eric Rooker

Founder of Operators to Owners

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