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-George Shaw

Some men see things as they are and say, "Why?" I dream of things that never were and say,
"Why not?"
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Dr. Eric 


Hello everyone!  Thanks for dropping by the Operator's to Owner's site!  I'm excited to say that after years of speaking at conferences with the goal of creating content that informs, exposes and trains, I am finally launching my own professional and personal development group!

For those who have never heard me speak, my mission is to identify, research, create and teach content that pushes the veterinary industry forward.  This has been my passion since I graduated from veterinary school and started speaking in 2013.  Since beginning my speaking career I have identified several topics that practitioners and students routinely ask for advice, assistance or training with.  Many of these topics coincide with the lack of training in business and professional development that is found in today's veterinary curriculum.  There is simply not enough time in the four years of veterinary school to teach students about the medical, professional, personal AND business skills that are required to succeed at the highest levels.  It is my strong belief that with the correct mindset, guidance and a little coaching you will be capable of pushing your practice and personal development well beyond its current state.

Operator's to Owner's is all about taking you out of the day to day grind as a veterinary operator/student and making you a true owner of your business and personal life.  I want individuals to become ACTIVE lifelong learners that have a CONTINUOUS growth plan personally and professionally.  By facilitating an open and group learning environment participants in Operator's to Owner's will adopt the successful habits and routines of other industries.  Through the use of SHORT lecture series, PEER Mastermind and coaching sessions, PERSONAL growth action plans as well as ACCOUNTABILITY via personal or group follow-up, I will personally facilitate your growth.  Together we can bring a new age of veterinary medicine which fosters collaborated learning and development.

Speaking and Coaching
  • Practice Management

  • New Service Creation, Development and Implementation

  • Large Animal Medicine Marketing Techniques

  • Inventory Control

  • Professional and Personal Development Plans

  • Student/Associate Development

  • Positive Psychology and Crafting a Flourishing State

Previous Speaking Engagements
  • American Association of Bovine Practitioners

  • Academy of Veterinary Consultants

  • Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

  • North-East Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary School

  • Innovative Veterinary Solutions

  • Land O' Lakes and Purina 

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