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What is a High Performance medicine Mastermind?!

Owner and Trained Facilitator Dr. Eric Explains our Mastermind's

An Open Letter to My Peers in High Performance Medicine,

High Performance Medicine Masterminds specialize in the conversion of professionals from day to day laborers, who play whack a mole with their personal and professional problems, and instead help empower them to take true ownership of their personal and professional lives.

Participants will leave the Mastermind with new ideas, clear goals, a feeling of accountability to the group and a re-invigorated energy for personal and professional excellence.

High Performance Medicine Masterminds facilitate all of these interactions in a structured and facilitated environment creating the opportunity for interaction with like-minded peers.

In this safe space you can propose or receive ideas and hash out, discuss and develop them with your peers.

Another benefit of the mastermind is you will be able to discuss topics that others in your practice may not find interesting, but you feel will push your professional development forward.  Creating an otherwise impossible conversation that can fuel your professional development.

A High Performance Medicine Mastermind also creates a group growth environment where goals, achievements and successes are shared fostering a healthy forum for continual member growth.

These Masterminds are small 4-6 person meetings consisting of a short 20-40 minute warm up lesson and group discussion on a developmental topic.

The Mastermind then progresses to a “HOT seat” or a discussion where individual participants get dedicated time to share their unique burning problem, idea or need with the group.  

During this time, participants receive valuable feedback on their idea or issue from each other participant.

After HOT seat, members take their feedback and with the guidance from me personally we will craft it into a unique accountability goal which is shared with the group.

This goal is directed at creating a plan to address their unique issue and to push them to take action towards it's resolution or progression before the next session. Tobe Brockner once said….

Ideas, even great ideas, are a dime a dozen.  Without implementation, without action, those ideas are ultimately worthless.

Participating in a High Performance Medicine Mastermind means you have personally dedicated yourself towards professional development and the practice of a boundless, creative and persistent level of High Performance Medicine.

Knowing this; are you ready to begin your journey with me today?

Dr. Eric

Current High performance medicine Mastermind Offerings:


Ongoing Inquire Via Email

A targeted Mastermind that will help individuals address Work-Life balance as well as assist them with the creation of a growth based daily routine for their personal and professional lives.


Dr. Eric Rooker

Giving a Speech

Coming Soon! Summer 2022

Speaking to Grow Your Practice Mastermind

This targeted Mastermind is sponsored by a USDA Grant and is open to students, associates and owners.  Participants will learn how to craft  talks that grow a client base at a local, regional or national level.  Learn how to increase your practices influence and reach through speaking!


Dr. Eric Rooker

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Quarterly Next offering March 2021

Facilitating an Ownership Mentality 

This targeted Mastermind is sponsored by a USDA Grant and is open to soon to be clinic owners and current practice owners.  Participants will learn the keys to team building, client relationship building and how to create an environment that cultures continuous growth and development.


Dr. Eric Rooker

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