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Gratitude Journal 101

Still struggling getting your gratitude journal started? Don't know where to start?!

This small gratitude journal example is meant to provide OTO'ers with a quick and easy way to start a new gratitude habit. By no means is it the most extensive nor all-inclusive gratitude journal on the market but it will serve you well if you begin using it every day!

Start by printing out a copy of the attached card tonight and place it on your desk or in your bathroom tonight. This way when you wake-up in the morning begin your day you can start your day with your gratitude journal. The goal of this habit is to get your brain to recognize 3 things it is grateful for BEFORE you're exposed the negativity of day to day life, media or interactions.

Listing 3 things you are grateful for will take your less than 2 minutes but it will change your day! Things you are grateful for can be as simple as a bed, warm breakfast or hugs from you child. Begin your day by recognizing the abundance in your life! This will translate into your mind better recognizing the potential opportunities around you!

After listing your 3 gratitude you're FREE to pursue your day. Go slay it! Save the last two portions of the journal for the end of your day.

Once you have wrapped up all the daily hustle and bustle, I want you to come back and sit down for 2 minutes with you gratitude journal. The purpose of this evening session is to recognize what you learned today and who you really appreciated today.

Recognizing that you learned and grew today, even in a small way, will help you acknowledge that today was successful, even if it didn't seem like it. I have also noticed that as I began to record what I learned in the day; I began to more actively seek out new knowledge; resulting in accelerated professional development for myself.

This energy and excitement toward knowledge collection have fueled my professional growth by driving the consumption of books, journals or articles that have fostered the growth of my practice as well as Operators to Owners. Having to hold myself accountable for learning everyday means that I am always making sure I will have something to write down in the category.

The final line of the gratitude journal focuses on being grateful for those in your life. After looking at what we have and what we learned, I think it is important that we look outward and appreciate those who have helped us do and become who we are. Recognizing and appreciating the actions these individuals have take on our behalf helps our brain see that we are not alone in life and others care deeply for us.

It is at this point that I also like to reach out or create a note for tomorrow to reach out to the individual I appreciated that day. I feel as though you never know who might need a little recognition for what they are doing or who you can help build up. Sometimes a simple, "Thank you," or "I noticed that...." will go a long way!

In the end OTO'ers I can give you 1,000 reasons why you should do a gratitude journal BUT it is you who needs to begin it! I challenge you to adopt this journal for just ONE week and see how it changes your mindset!

Don’t forget OTO'ers, as Wayne Dyer says:

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into!"

Carry on!

Dr. Eric


Ps: If you are seeking a more in-depth daily tracking journal check out Brendon Burchard's High Performance Planner. This is the journal I like to use for planning, tracking and evaluating myself daily, weekly and monthly!

You can find the High Performance Planner on Amazon at:

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