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February 2021 Countdown to Success: On impacting those you influence

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

5 Inputs to Inspire

4 Quotes to Contemplate

I. Author and barrier breaker Helen Keller on collaboration:

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

II. Personal growth guru and author John Maxwell on how you recruit the people you can influence:

Who you are is who you attract – Grow Accordingly!

III. Operators to Owners founder Eric Rooker on our Attention:

We need to continually evaluate where we distribute our attention because where it is, is where we spend our life. Get good at having 100% of it on the task at hand and not distributing it in fractions.

IV. President Lyndon B. Johnson on how to amplify your impact:

You ain’t learin nothin when you’re doin all the talking.

3 Thoughts to Ponder

I. The average human has 12 interpersonal interactions per day. Twelve opportunities to maximize their impact with others.

II. You never know who is looking up to you – act accordingly.

III. Energy is transferable. The energy you bring to the interaction will be mimicked in the individuals you interact with. Therefore, you determine the type of interaction that will occur.

2 Challenges to Conquer

I. Consult on or discuss one thing you know will make a difference but may be an awkward conversation.

II. Ask one client, “How could I have a bigger impact on your operation?”

1 Reflection Question

At the end of a client interaction ask; “What more could I do with 5 good minutes here?”

Until next month,

Dr. Eric Rooker

Founder of Operators to Owners

The countdown to success is the only newsletter dedicated to the development of high performance veterinary medicine. Each monthly issue contains 5 inputs to inspire, 4 Quotes to Contemplate, 3 Thoughts to Ponder, 2 Challenges to Conquer and 1 Question to reflect upon.

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