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April 2021 Countdown to Success: On Self-Care and Your Well-Being

5 Inputs, 4 Quotes, 3 Thoughts, 2 Challenges and 1 Question (April 8th, 2021)

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Happy April,

Your journey of professional development is important to me. Please hit that reply button or join our Facebook Group to share your journey and inspiration with our community.

You never know when your ideas, thoughts, actions or reflection will inspire another vet out there!

Alright, let’s get to it!

Here are 5 Inputs to Inspire, 4 Quotes to Contemplate, 3 Thoughts to Ponder, 2 Challenges to Conquer and 1 Reflection Question to help you grow this month.

5 Inputs to Inspire

I. Genius Foods – What to eat to improve memory and maximize your potential!

II. New discovery: how chronic pain changes your brain and personality. The effects of chronic pain on your brain, why you should invest in self-care such as massage, chiropractic's and other supportive care techniques; much like the care we advocate our patients receive.

III. Nutrition effects much more than just your body. How what we eat even effects our brains anatomy. Nutritional psychiatry: Your brain on food.

IV. Sore muscles? Maybe you’re not getting enough cardio…checkout: Doing this exercise nightly can reverse the ageing process.

V. A new addition to this month’s Countdown, Podcasts! Is what you’re eating setting you up for poor customer service? Can we become better service providers by altering our diet? The Broken Brain Podcast: Minisode #24 Is Processed Food Making People Angry?

4 Quotes to Contemplate

I. World famous author, speaker and motivator Jim Rohn on investing in yourself:

Learn to work harder on yourself than on your job.

II. Author and coach Marie Forleo on creating real change in your life

Real change is practically invisible as it is happening.

III. Writer and mental health influencer Katie Reed on why self-care matters:

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

IV. For those readers who are frustrated with their lack of quality of life, mental health or own feelings of well being…sometimes you just need a change!

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal!

3 Thoughts to Ponder

I. Taking care of your body pays off. The average veterinary salary in the US is $93,000. This means if you invested in a monthly massage that was $65 you would spend $780 per year. Over the course of a 30 year career this adds up to $23,400 of self-care investment. After taxes you would only need to extend your career ~4 months for this enjoyable self-care activity to pay off!

II. What you eat effects your neurological function. If we assume this to be true, we should consider that the food we eat is as important as the skills we seek to learn.

III. Regular physical activity (30+ minutes per day) improves overall neurological function and in-turn well-being. This includes improvements in neuroplasticity, reductions in stress and improvements in overall energy.

2 Challenges to Conquer

I. Create a meal plan for yourself this month. The first two weeks simply start by creating a healthy breakfast before work. Seek to avoid highly processed foods but otherwise define “healthy” for yourself! The last two weeks meal prep lunches as well. At the end of the month re-evaluate your current energy and feelings of well-being at home and at work with this new regime.

II. ID one activity or person that could help improve your current physical well-being. Reach out to them to meet and discuss a tailored plan to your needs and what it would require from you in terms of time and monetary commitment.

1 Reflection Question

What is one self-investment activity that I have been putting off that would significantly improve my well-being?

Until next month,

Dr. Eric Rooker

Founder of Operators to Owners

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