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Want to go deeper?

Create Real Work-Life Balance by Correcting or Avoiding Burnout

Brought to you by Dr. Eric, a real general practitioner just like you!

Are you a recent graduate struggling to find balance?

Want to be the envy of your vet school friends?  

Someone who:

If so, join your peers in a 90-Day Work-Life Balance Mastermind!

Become the Envy of

Your Vet School Peers

When You Accelerate Your Professional Development

While Living Healthier

Growing Faster

By Living a More Balanced Life

Then You Ever Have in Your Career

Each and Every Day

With the Work-Life Balance Mastermind! 

Join us beginning February 25th 2021!

Not Sure if a work-life balance mastermind is something you need yet?

Learn more below!

Create Real Work-life Balance for only $199!

Join your peers and Dr. Eric Rooker for a 90-day Work-Life Mastermind Challenge!  Dr. Eric will share his personal plan for creating Work-Life Balance, providing real world solutions from a veterinary practitioner just like you!  These solutions will aid you in achieving your career goals as well as maintaining a healthy personal lifestyle.  This information will be presented in six unique sessions:

 Avoiding Time Sinks and Unplugging at Work, in the Truck and at Home

 Filling Your Cup and the Power of Reflection

✓  Self-Care Through Eating and Career Longevity Investments

 Self-Care via Career Based Workouts and Mentality Control

 Eliminating Energy Leeches at Work and in Life

✓  Establishing Your Personal Routine, Effective To-Do Lists and Developmental Goal Setting 

Also included are bi-weekly meetings during which Dr. Eric will discuss these specific lessons and how they relate to the creation of Work-Life Balance.  After the discussion, members will be invited to share and advise each other in dedicated 15 minute “HOT” seats.  During this time members present a problem to the group and receive real world solutions from peers who have experienced your same exact problems!

After participating in the “HOT” seat, members create accountability goals.  These goals will push members to engage in specific, measurable, tasks that yield progress week in and week out.  Via the power of peer accountability members will make significant progress forward successfully reaching their stated Work-Life balance goals. 

Finally, between bi-weekly sessions members will have access to the community via a dedicated Discord chat channel.  This channel acts much like a private text message group and will facilitate instantaneous peer feedback as members take on their accountability goals while also allowing members continuous contact with Dr. Eric if professional guidance is needed.

This is what you will get for $199 or $66 per month

The learning, peer growth and accountability environment of a peer mastermind group has been utilized for years in a broad range of industries to accelerate individual learning and professional development through group mentorship.  Facilitated by Dr. Eric, a general practitioner for eight years, current clinic owner and nationally recognized speaker; these sessions will yield measurable improvements in Work-Life Balance for participants and help improve the arenas of personal and professional growth as well.

The Work-Life Balance Mastermind will meet Feb 25th, March 5th March 11th, April 8th, April 22nd and May 6th.  Sessions will begin at 3:30 p.m. Central time and will last for ~ 90 minutes.  Discussion in an informal manor will continue beyond the designated times.

I am only hosting 1 of these sessions in 2021 due to the maintenance of my personal Work-Life Balance and have only 5 spots reserved for participants.  I HIGHLY encourage you to sign up before the group is filled.

…is never burnt out

…has endless patience 

…loves going to work

…is viewed as the ideal spouse and/or parent

…has endless energy to push their clinic forward

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